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class dials.framework.interface.Interface[source]

Bases: object

The interface base class.

Interfaces can be defined for automatic registration by inheriting from this class.

classmethod extension(name)[source]

Get the requested extension class by name.

Parameters:name – The name of the extension
Returns:The extension class
classmethod extensions()[source]

Iterate through the extensions

Returns:An iterator which loops through the list of extensions.
static interfaces()[source]

Iterate through the interfaces.

Returns:An iterator which loops through all the defined interfaces.
name = ''
classmethod phil_scope()[source]

Get the phil scope for the interface or extension.

Returns:The phil scope for the interface or extension
class dials.framework.interface.InterfaceMeta(name, bases, attrs)[source]

Bases: abc.ABCMeta

The interface meta class.

This class adds some definition-time checking to the Interface base class to make sure that interfaces have the required fields.